Ecommerce Order Fulfilment Center in Melbourne

Save thousands of dollars on your order fulfilment requirements every year with Global Fashion Service. We offer accurate, fast and cost-effective warehousing and ecommerce order fulfilment services through our fulfilment centre in Melbourne.

Your orders will be picked and packed within 24 hours of order receipt, providing you and your customers with the best service at all times.

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Reach your ecommerce Customers at the Speed of Light

Quick, accurate and reliable delivery of your online orders is essential to keep your ecommerce customers happy and attract repeat orders. Today’s customers expect speedy delivery of their order – and if that doesn’t happen, they will switch to another ecommerce store.

However, delight them with fast, efficient delivery and you will win your customers’ confidence and loyalty. They will have so many good things to say about your brand and encourage their friends to buy from you. What’s more, they will buy from you over and over again, boosting your business.

At Global Fashion Service, we specialise in helping ecommerce businesses reach their customers quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

With a combined experienced of 50+ years in direct mailing, pick and packing and 3PL, our team has a stellar track record and assures of a fantastic service, reduced costs and happy customers.

Trust Global Fashion for Accurate Order Fulfilment

We rely on integrated systems to deliver efficient and timely fulfilment for ecommerce shipping. From system integration and shipment tracking to web-based warehousing and pick and pack, we offer everything you need to provide your customers with a seamless and efficient service.

Here are some of the biggest benefits all of our clients experience:

  • Your Valuable Stock is in Good Hands – We recognise how valuable your stock is to you. Your stock is in safe, secure hands with Global Fashion Service. We are so confident of our services that if we hold your stock and in the unlikely event that we lose it, we will replace it without any cost to you.
  • Bring Down Your Delivery Costs – When you choose Global Fashion Service to handle your order fulfilment, expect huge savings. Through our partnerships and exclusive deals with top courier companies, we deliver at low, flat rates.
  • Place & Manage Orders Easily – Keep track of your inventory levels quickly and easily using our intuitive online inventory system. No more worrying about running out of stock or last-minute surprises.
  • Same Day Dispatch – All orders placed before 12pm are dispatched the same day, allowing you to offer your customers a seamless and delightful service.

Your trusted ecommerce Order Fulfilment Partner

At Global Fashion Service, we are here to help your ecommerce business grow. Whether you are a start-up or an established brand, when you need a reliable partner to fulfil your ecommerce orders, look no further.

Get in touch with us today to know how we can help you save thousands in delivery costs annually whilst increasing efficiency and customer experience.
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